Zorro's Cafe & Cantina


Address: 927 Shell Beach Rd
Pismo BeachCA 93449

About The Restaurant

Zorro's Cafe & Cantina: We are a local casual cafe that believes in wholesome food made with fresh ingredients, along with a feeling of being at home. This cafe has been here for over 25 years. When hearing the name Zorro's most of us think of the character in the movies, the first of which was released in the 1920's. However, Cindy's choice was even more personal: Zorro is also the name of Cindy and her husband Steve's Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. When you think of Zorro's Cafe & Cantina, think of great food!

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    Cafe Runner
    160 N 7th St, Suite B
    Grover Beach, CA 93433

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